How To


  • Upon arrival, please open the water supply tap leading to the house underneath the water tank.
  • Underneath the bathroom basin are two circuit breakers that must be switched on (upwards) for the water pump and geyser to work correctly.
  • The geyser works automatically when the warm water taps are opened, no need for external ignition by user. The battery to the igniter may need replacement if there is no warm water, this compartment is on the bottom left under the cover & takes an “D” size battery.
  • The water tank is filled every Monday or Friday by Erongo Regional Council workers, water is to be used sparingly, please limit shower times & other non-necessitated water usage. In the event that the water tank is empty, RT36 cannot be held responsible, as the Erongo Regional Council is in charge of this process. The contact number for the water supplier is Ziegfried 0818396874, he can be contacted. The water level can be viewed on the pipe fixed to the tank.
  • Please ensure after returning from the beach that you rinse off most of the sand outside, as excess sand causes blocked shower drains. The same applies to the toilets, please flush ONLY toilet paper. This is a natural drainage system, not a municipal system.


  • Please open the gas cylinder at the front (beach side) of the house, as well as the valve in the supply line next to the cylinder leading to the house.
  • A gas cylinder for the freezer must be connected to the pipe leading through the wall into the kitchen. The freezer is started by opening the gas cylinder & igniting the burner at the rear right-hand corner of the freezer. The freezer is to be left closed for at least 2 hours before packing your food or drinks. Upon departure the gas cylinder is to be closed, disconnected & returned to the main house. The freezer is to be cleaned & left open to prevent mold.
  • Spare cylinder can be found in main house.


  • Please ensure that lights are switched off when not in use.

We trust that the above guidelines will be adhered to & appreciate the effort made by the tenant in doing so. The RT36  Wlotzkas bungalow has been used for many years to promote fellowship & as an income in aid of administrative funds to facilitate the running costs of our club. The bungalow should be seen as a comfortable getaway & be utilized in such a manner that following generations will also have the privilege of this long-standing facility.

RT36 thanks you for your valued support, for more information about Round Table, log on to or visit our Facebook page.

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